Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know,
W e l l   n o w   t h e y   k n o w  !
(about the bullet)
Etta: I figured it had to be important, or you wouldn't have kept it.
Olivia: Hmm.. you can say it was... sort of my pregnancy test

I just love the fact that Etta still can’t convince herself that her grandfather sometimes loses the track of his own words and starts talking about random and crazy shit.


wait… were Etta and Walter playing with each other’s hands??? aaaaaaawwwwww

it’s 11pm… there are only 20 minutes left of this episode.. which means I can totally watch another one before it’s too late… the bad part is… that the next episode is 5x04 and we all know what happens there.

Etta leaves this world to become Elsa in another reality


Elsa created Olaf. As his builder, part of her personality went to Olaf (likewise, the other characteristics that she ingrained in him). It’s very possible that Olaf stands for the innermost longing of Elsa’s heart. That is why we can all see how much Olaf loves Anna and how much he tries to protect her the same way that Elsa would have. Moreover, Olaf would display the same feelings as Elsa.

Elsa has always wanted to be near Anna. But, because of the curse, she had to stay away from her. For that reason, Olaf can always be seen around Anna.

Elsa and Olaf have the same belief about love. They both know that love means sacrifice. Notice the funny reaction of Olaf when they were on their way to Hans to save Anna? He was very stunned that Anna’s true love is someone he hasn’t heard about. That’s not far from Elsa’s belief that Anna couldn’t marry someone she just met. Later on in the movie, they both have the same surprised reaction when they realized that love is the answer she needed to thaw the ice and to bring back summer.

During the song “Let it Go”, Elsa discards the three accessories worn during her coronation that she views as restraints (x)